Brendan was born in April of 1989, the 4th of 5 children. He was tall, blonde and blue eyed. He had a great sense of humor and was always making us laugh with his wise cracks and “Brendan-isms.”

He was loyal to his friends, many from early elementary years. He was a hard worker known to work two and three jobs at a time.

After attending Dulaney High School, Brendan graduated magna cum laude from the Community College of Baltimore County and transferred to Towson University to major in accounting.

Brendan was a talented athlete gifted with size, speed and grace. He played basketball, lacrosse and golf in high school. He continued his passion for basketball by playing on various organized rec and intramural teams. His love for basketball is also celebrated annually at the Huber/Burke/Leland summer vacation basketball game in North Carolina.

The greatest love in Brendan’s life was his girlfriend of 6 years, Rachael Bowersox, who was very supportive of him throughout his struggle.

His death was sudden and tragic. Brendan will forever be in our hearts.